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If you’re an Architect, Interior Designer, or a Home Developer, you know why modular cabinet is “The Holy Grail” for home development and styling. It’s beautiful, sleek, modern, and most of all – functional! It’s space saver and storage efficient. Your clients can even make their cabinets personalized and customized based on what they truly want! Whatever your client’s need, however they want their cabinet to look like, they’re very much possible with our Modular Cabinet Solution. With a Modular Cabinet, almost anything you want is possible! But more than that: Installation, Maintenance, and Reorganization of your cabinets (in case you decide to move in the future) becomes very easy since your Cabinets are pre-fabricated.


Phenolic bathroom partitions are comprised of a melamine sheet then multiple layers of resin impregnated kraft paper. Solid color reinforced composite (SCRC) bathroom partitions are made from a homogeneous composite of cellulose fibers, dyes & resins with a surface coating.


Our window blind is made 100% polyester and the fabric itself is dust repellent, makes it easy cleaning and low maintenance. What is unique to us is that our fabrics and accessories are exclusively to our company only. it is because our partners in Korea Exports those fabrics only to europe, it gives us the edge in competing against other competitors since we have our own unique products.