Floor and Wall Tiles

In this Blog Article, we introduced to you the different Tiles Solutions that you can use for your home, office, and business establishments.

The reason why there are many kinds and categories of tiles solutions is because EVERYONE has different needs and requirements that they want to address.

In this article, you will learn these different solutions. This will help you decide which tile solution to avail and which tile solution perfectly fits your requirements.

Now let’s begin.

SLIM TILES aka Thin Porcelain Tiles


Slim Tiles (aka Thin Porcelain Tiles) is your ONLY BEST CHOICE.

And here’s why…

It doesn’t matter if your renovation or development project is for commercial or domestic use.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for interior or exterior requirement.


Starting at just 5.5mm thick, SLIM tiles are less than half the weight and thickness of conventional porcelain tiles.

Less weight means larger tiles and SLIM TILES ultra-large 900x900mm, 1200x600mm and 1800x900mm standard tile formats allow faster coverage and fewer grout lines.

Due to years of research, development, and advances in lamination pressing technology, These elegant porcelain tiles are extremely strong and durable and WILL NOT DEFORM, CRACK or FADE.

Their ultra-low water absorption allows SLIM TILES to actually RESIST DIRT and STAY CLEANER FOR LONGER.

SLIM TILES are inkjet and fully polished glazed that makes them more elegant.

Here’s what an expert sayabout Slim Tiles:

“Their LOW MAINTENANCE makes them a great substitute for natural stone in certain settings, and the fact that they can blend indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly makes them a NATURAL CHOICE. They work well on floors, walls and counters — both for NEW CONSTRUCTION and REMODELS.”


If you’re looking for the BEST STYLE for your INTERIOR FLOORING, nothing beats the NATURAL AMBIANCE of a Wood Design Tile.

It’s ability to BRING NATURE INTO YOUR HOME has been an ambition that homeowners have ALWAYS strived for.

Everyone loves the natural and organic feel of Wood Design Tiles because it makes them feel warm, calm and welcomed.

But more than that, Wood Design Tile brings with it the DURABILITY of a tile.

Unlike woods that can easily get scratched, stained and damaged; Wood Design Tiles are notoriously DURABLE, EASY TO MAINTAIN, HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE, and VERY MUCH AFFORDABLE.


There are two things that you NEED to have in your INTERIOR DESIGN: Function and Style.

Today let’s talk about style.

Style is what separates your Interior Design from others. It is your UNIQUE EXPRESSION of WHO YOU ARE!

That’s why when deciding for Tiles Style for your bathroom back splashes, kitchen splash board, or accent wall – NOTHING IS MORE VERSATILE THAN Mosaic Tiles.

Mosaic tiles offer a lot of stylish and contemporary approach to covering a wall or floor.

Whether you’re tiling an entire bathroom or creating a captivating kitchen splash board…

MOSAIC TILES are very versatile and incredibly easy to cut to size.

They come in a variety of materials; from glass and resin, through to metal and natural stone.


Ever heard of Subway Tiles? This American favorite Tile Design originated in New York City back in 1904.

This ubiquitous 3-by-6-inch rectangle tile, first seen in a New York subway station.

It quickly made its way into the kitchens and bathrooms across America. And with its sleek, easy-to-clean design, it’s no surprise that the trend is still going strong today.

If you’re planning a kitchen backsplash, accent wall, and bathroom wall that has a touch of history – Brooklyn Subway Tiles is your best Option.

Subway tiles are Simple but Chic. There’s a reason why subway tile is a classic. From solid black or white ceramic to natural stone, marble or glass, the ways you can utilize subway tiles in your home are only limited by your imagination.


Do you ever wonder what is the BEST STYLE for your indoor, outdoor, floor, or wall TILES?

You will never go wrong with MACHUCA TILES – The Well-Known Cement Tiles with Mediterranean Design!

Why? Because when it comes to Arts and Style, Mediterranean countries like France, Greece, Spain, and Egypt are very well known experts on these aspects.

Here at M & A HomeStyle, you can even choose your very own design (it comes in square and hexagon shape). The design that will truly reflect your uniqueness and personality.

Mediterranean Design Tiles are often found in churches, cafes, restaurants, and of course, homes.


“Captivating!” 😍😍😍, is what our Valued Clients say about our Architect Tiles Series (we have the Matt, Rock, and Polished)

Their earth color (comes in Beige, White, Black, Brown, and Ash) make them perfectly blend with almost ANYTHING in the surroundings…

Truly, the “Ultimate” color of choice for tiles.

Don’t you just love ❤️❤️❤️ the way it looks simple but sophisticated at the same time?

It’s like Elegance, Modernity, and Simplicity fusion in ONE!


I’m sure you’ve asked this question before: When It comes to Tiles, Which Tile is MAGNIFICENT in Beauty and Style?


Is such Tile even exist? Almost sounds like a DREAM to me 😆

Surprise! surprise! There is such a tile, and it’s called – VINYL TILES.

Vinyl Tiles are very much popular and preferred by Interior Designers and Architects.

It is very much durable because it’s made in a SPECIAL KIND OF PLASTIC which makes it Waterproof, Stain-resistant, low-maintenance, Comfortable under your feet, Very Easy to Install and MOST OF ALL – VERY CHEAP.

Vinyl Tiles are often used in high traffic areas (with lots of wear and tear) like retail centers and commercial areas.

At home, they are usually found in the kitchen and bathrooms. But with the popularity of Luxury Vinyl Tiles, this tile can also be seen now in someone’s Living Room, Dining Room, Bed Room, and many more.

Why? Because Luxury Vinyl Tiles has this AMAZING FLEXIBILITY and CAPABILITY to CLONE the appearance of natural materials like WOODS and STONES.

In fact, once you look at it, you won’t even able to distinguish which one is real and which one is not.


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